Real Property Tax Administration

AF-RPTA is equipped with easy-to-update Schedule of Value and data validations for accurate property tax calculation, giving you the visibility to delinquent payers. Our solution helps you maximize the efficiency of RPTA process thus improving your Tax Collection.

AF-RPTA is a web-based approach and can be installed depending on your business and financial needs. Afield offers “On Premise” and Hosting installation approaches. AF-RPTA modules are process driven software, making our clients easy to navigate and follow the standard procedure on searching and managing property and owners information.

Reduction in cost, time, duplication of efforts and errors
AF-HRIS provides a more systematic approach in handling employee database and payroll to eliminate redundant processing and data storage.

Expedition of retrieval and processing of data
Our system can streamline your HR process to avoid any delays in payroll and issuance of salary.

Accuracy and transparency in the system
Determining how to assess accuracy and quality of information can be difficult for companies that have never used HRIS before. Our HRIS solution uses the right formula to derive the needed information by providing computation of salary based on existing DOLE standards and company rules.

Ensuring Data Security
We have an executive and highly experienced Japan-based security consultant who is responsible for maintaining and applying the necessary security measures on the system.

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